The jury went IN, and now they are OUT! And they had this to say...

As well as some fantastique feedback from our punters, we had some lovely words from these glorious people. All we can say is....HUZZAH!

To read review, click on the publication below. Photos above by Ivor Houlker

Ideas Tap                       "Colossal Crumbs are heading for cult status...their puppet theatre recalls Jim Henson’s                                                                                             Muppets, Aardman’s animated epics...and Adam and Joe’s toy pop culture parodies."

Broadway Baby           "An outrageous underwater lovechild of ‘The Mighty Boosh’ and ‘The Muppets’ doused in deliciously dark                                                           humour, Fish Pie is a culinary delight"

The Argus                 "The ensemble cast gave strong, expressive performances, delivering a masterclass in Fringe theatre – loveable,                                                funny and moving."

Love Fringe                  "Beautifully melancholic and red-faced hilarious"

Animations Online    "the show's exhilarating menagerie of talking cucumbers, romantic crabs and clumsy flies keep the audience                                                         gasping and chuckling for the whole hour."

Ludwig is yet to be impressed.