about colossal crumbs


Colossal Crumbs is a theatre company based in Brighton who make visual theatre to feed the imaginations of adults and children alike. They make theatre using puppetry, animation, storytelling, film and basically anything they can get their grubby little hands on (including edible baked goods). Colossal Crumbs is made up of a group of artists who work collaboratively to write, devise and perform.

The company was born in 2009 from the brain Annie Brooks. After meeting an array of characters at the PAVA course at Brighton University and after endless cups of tea, she was inspired to put all the strange characters that were dancing around in her head out into the world in the form of puppets, drawings and, well, theatre shows. The company is formed of the amazing and strange brains of Ulysses Black, Howard Sivills, Han Nicholls, Jack Stigner and Sarah Delmonte, (plus many others) who frequently collaborate on performance projects - from immersive theatre, to exhibitions, to avant-garde Live Art, through to, of course, puppetry. The team have collaborated extensively over the past several years, each drawing on their own individual specialist areas to produce innovative and engaging theatre work with the aim of giving the audience a deeply rich, poignant and often very silly experience.

In 2010, Annie Brooks was awarded with a residency at Puppet Centre Trust. This is where the Colossal Crumbs found its feet and took it's first shaky steps into the real world and they have been producing work regularly since then.

Colossal Crumbs use a mixture of traditional and unusual mediums to create set, puppets and props including knitting, textiles, found objects and hosiery. Puppets are an important part of the making – enabling these odd creatures to come to life and, quite frankly, to make it possible for a tomato to be the protagonist of a theatre show.

Fresh out of university, they developed their first show, also named Colossal Crumbs. It showed at The Marlborough (Brighton), the BAC (London), Komedia Secret Garden Party and at The International Puppetry Festival in 2010.
They are currently developing a new show, Fish Pie, which will be touring in Spring 2013. Buy tickets here!

Colossal Crumbs are supported by Arts Council England, the Nightingale Theatre and most recently by IdeasTap for our project, Fish Pie (and we thank them very much for this.)