February 2014

How many of the English megabytes does it take to store a theatre company's photographic media?

In essence, loads, but to be precise, about 40960. 

And so, in light of this, we here at Colossal Towers have decided to take up precious server space on another lovely intergalactic site in order to accomodate the extraordinary amount of documentation during show time. Click here, there or everywhere to see lots of behind the scenes snaps!

January 2014

I can promise you from the bottom of our collective hearts that we have not been twiddling our thumbs.

(Although in a sheer twist of coincidence, we have weirdly become very good at thumb twiddling)

2014 is here and we are proverbially sitting on it (ewww). We have fired up the (non-proverbial) engines and starting to plan our 2014 tour of 'Fish Pie'. Watch THIS space. In other news, Annie Brooks has been busy making puppets for Birmingham Stage Company on 'Horrible Christmas' and puppeteering with the wonderful Pins and Needles on their production of Raymond Briggs' 'Father Christmas' at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

September 2013

If you've finished Breaking Bad, do not despair! Colossal Crumbs have this to offer.

September is a time to sit back, relax, grab yourself some kind of three-tiered sandwich and watch some homemade puppet videos. Yes it is.

Throughout this glorious month, we'll be adding lots of films from Fish Pie onto the wobblenet, so why not get your fishing lines out onto our YouTube channel for some hot puppet action. Ahem.

P.S. Walt White puppet action film currently in construction.

August 2013

We're sorry we left you! Quite frankly, there was some serious napping to be done. 

What have we been up to? Well....

Secret Garden Party 2013

Thank you to everyone who came oop to the Gardening Party to see Myrtle picking her Blind Date. It was a mighty success. We've been invited back next year so if you missed us this year, hold your breaths in unison until then!

Howard Sivills puppeteering Priscilla Flack (she's a jellyfish)

An interview (over the ether) with Annie Brooks (me).

Our creative director and village idiot, Annie, wrote some words about Colossal Crumbs down for the lovely people at Trebuchet Magazine. Click on the image below to read the interview.

June/July 2013

What happened to you?

June and July passed us by like an old lady on a bicycle. Annie has been in the workshop making puppety puppets and working with some brilliant companies making and touring some brilliant shows including Whalley Range All Stars (Imaginary Friends), Gomito (Roost!) and Touched Theatre (Headcase). The Crumbs are currently plotting and planning our tour for Fish Pie, information of which will be posted on our wobbly website as soon as we've confirmed venues.

Photo of Fish Pie by Ivor Houlker.

May 2013

The Fringe is over! Until it grows back next year... 

Fish Pie was a roaring success and we are absolutely delighted with our sellout show, great feedback from you guys and a couple of rockin' reviews! Thank you to everyone who supported us. We are also tremendously proud of Ulysses Black who won the Impact Award 2013 for Best Poster Design with our Fish Pie poster. As always, UB, we salute you (and your amazing homemade pizzas).


We are blooming well chuffed with these bad boys below.

Ideas Tap "Colossal Crumbs are heading for cult status...their puppet theatre recalls Jim Henson’s Muppets, Aardman’s animated epics, all manner of French films about the whimsical residents of apartment blocks, and Adam and Joe’s toy pop culture parodies."

Broadway Baby "An outrageous underwater lovechild of ‘The Mighty Boosh’ and ‘The Muppets’ doused in deliciously dark humour, Fish Pie is a culinary delight"

The Argus "The ensemble cast gave strong, expressive performances, delivering a masterclass in Fringe theatre – loveable, funny and moving."

Love Fringe "Beautifully melancholic and red-faced hilarious"

Animations Online "...the show's exhilarating menagerie of talking cucumbers, romantic crabs and clumsy flies keep the audience gasping and chuckling for the whole hour.


May 2013

Fringe City Nitty Gritty

Boy was it great to see the spirit of Brighton Fringe this weekend at Fringe city. I'm pretty sure Myrtle scared off her fair share of parents and children, but hey, what are vigilante sea cucumbers supposed to do?


May 2013

The Brighton Fringe has started, and the posters are here!

Colossal Crumbs present an explosive puppetry spectacular for Brighton Fringe on 29th, 30th and 31st May 2013. Be there or...erm....yeah.

Click on posters for tickets. Designed by the delectable Ulysses Black.

April 2013

Tickets, tockets, tuckets!

Come one, come all, get your tickets, hot fresh from the oven*, get them while they're hot! Tickets are now on sale for our show, Fish Pie, at The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton. Click there or here to buy tickets! Or for something else, click here.


Ludwig is an artist......e

He places things around...

and then of these things, he makes films.

And then of these things, he make more films of him kicking over the things.

Ludwig is a neoholisticpostpsuedodeconstructivisationalismist.


Poster design by Ulysses Black. 



*Tickets are at room temperature and most probably virtual. DO NOT EAT.


March 2013

Would you like to come to our show? 'Yes please', we hear you cry!

'Well, you can!' we say back to you. Just click on the invite below for the wobbly wobsite to buy tickets!

'Thank you!'

'You're're welcome.'

Here's a trailer. We like making trailers (it's not procrastination I promise.)

March 2013

WE DID IT! (Well, you did it actually, but you know what we mean).

We are very pleased to announce that we metaphorically smashed our WeFund target of £600 and are now at a grand total of £797! And as you can tell from the picture we are all very happy about it (except Ludwig obviously).

Special thanks go to Sue Blackmore, Barbara Brooks, Laura Tan, Dave Nicholls, Eloise Burgess, Mark Palmer, Tyler Wetherall, Deen Lim, Harry Stigner, Rodrigo Kerr, David Brooks, Jamie Brooks, Nick Hedges, Pete & Chris Wells, Flo Edwards, Samuel Wyer and Skye Trayler Graham for your incredibly generous donations! We whole heartedly say THANK YOU and we really do love you. No, really. If you still feel the urge to donate to our ever ongoing cause of puppetry missions, you can on our donate button at the top of the page. 

Dashnetix, Aubergine Designs and Pete & Chris Wells are now proudly our official sponsors alongside Arts Council England, Ideas Tap and The Nightingale.

February 2013


Tickets to our highly anticipated show, Fish Pie, are now on sale! Get them while they're hot, ladies and gents (and cucumbers), by clicking on this word. Here's a trailer!

February 2013

the beginning has started! dates confirmed for Brighton Fringe...

Our lovely friends at The Nightingale confirmed the dates for our show premier this week. They will be...drum roll please...

29th May 19.15pm

30th May 19.15pm

31st May 19.15pm

Information about how to buy tickets will be available soon - please watch this space and also our Tweetey Tweet pages and Facebookywook.


January 2013  

IdeasTap and Arts Council England - we commend (and thank you) very much

We are very happy to announce that we have gained our Arts Council funding and also a Brighton Fringe Award from the brilliant IdeasTap for our new show, Fish Pie. Our heartfelt thankyous go out to all and we can't wait to get cracking (we actually cracked a few months ago, but you know what we mean). Let the battle commence - here's to a jam-packed Spring!  

December 2012

cosmopolitan (and we don't mean the ice-cream)

Our lovely friends at Cosmopolitan magazine have put our current fund-raising efforts for Fish Pie on their lovely website. Thanks guys! Have a look right HERE.

December 2012

we fund campaign

Here ye, here ye!

We here at Colossal Crumbs have just launched a campaign to raise money for our new show, Fish Pie. Money raised will be used to make all the puppets for the show, plus a new hat for Myrtle (she's one of the main characters). If you wish to donate you will be making a dear sea cucumber very happy. A penny, a pound, every penny counts and is greatly appreciated. Alternatively, you can send a tray of doughnuts to the following address...Myrtle, Long Pond, Pond Place ENGLAND.

To donate or for some more information on the show, click HERE.

November 2012

the art hour with myrtle 


Ulysses Black, Annie Brooks and Myrtle teamed up in November to take part in Punched III at The Nightingale Theatre - this is what we three did. Other wonderful work on the night came from Matt Rudkin, Marion Deprez, Isobel Smith, Daisy Jordan, Foz Foster and Touched Theatre. For more information on this regular event, watch THIS online space. 

July 2012

secret garden party 2012                                                                                           

A huge thanks to cast, crew and all those beans who came to The Never Ever Land Theatre at Secret Garden Party 2012 to see our show. A massive success! So good in fact, we have been invited back for 2013. See all you beans there!

March 2012

We have been beavering away (with actual beavers it's true!) on developing our new show, Fish Pie. We have had 'R' and a 'D' and it's been blooming marvellous! Here's a video of some of the stuff we made.