fish pie

Meet Cuthbert.
He’s a fish.
He spends his days by himself…

just waiting…

Fish Pie is a macabre theatre show with puppets for the entertainment of humans. It follows the lives of Cuthbert, the tap-dancing fish, Ludwig (he's a prawn and the greatest artist living) and Myrtle the militant sea cucumber.


What do you really know about the person living in the flat upstairs or house next door?

Within the confines of our four walls we can easily ignore what might be happening beyond them.

Encounter on the margins of pond suburbia loneliness, artistry and charm, embodied here by a seafood medley.

Colossal Crumbs invite you to a visual feast of folly and three tales of the unexpected, combining puppetry and film, all encompassed within the style of a 1920s silent film.

Welcome to the depressing life of Cuthbert, a lonely fish living in a dank corner of a miserable room. Meet the infamous artist Ludwig (he's a prawn) who's making his most recent masterpiece. And join Myrtle (sea cucumber) in her dwindling one-woman crusade to save gherkins across the world.  

After a succesful run at Brighton Fringe 2013, we are now booking our 2014 tour.

For more pictures, look on our super, duper extra gallery, HERE.


Ideas Tap                       "Colossal Crumbs are heading for cult status...their puppet theatre recalls Jim Henson’s                                                                                             Muppets, Aardman’s animated epics...and Adam and Joe’s toy pop culture parodies."

Broadway Baby           "An outrageous underwater lovechild of ‘The Mighty Boosh’ and ‘The Muppets’ doused in deliciously dark                                                           humour, Fish Pie is a culinary delight"

The Argus                 "The ensemble cast gave strong, expressive performances, delivering a masterclass in Fringe theatre – loveable,                                                funny and moving."

Love Fringe                  "Beautifully melancholic and red-faced hilarious"

Animations Online    "the show's exhilarating menagerie of talking cucumbers, romantic crabs and clumsy flies keep the audience                                                         gasping and chuckling for the whole hour."


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Colossal Crumbs are grateful to IdeasTap for providing funding through its Ideas Fund for this project, Arts Council England for our most recent grant, and The Nightingale for their continued (and very cherished) support.Cast: Annie Brooks, Sarah Delmonte, Ulysses Black, Howard Sivills, Han Nicholls

Director: Annie Brooks & Jack Stigner

Writers: Annie Brooks, Ulysses Black and Jack Stigner

Printed Design: Ulysses Black

Set Design: Annie Brooks

Puppet Maker: Annie Brooks

Set made by Tandem Set and Scenery (Glen Hughes and Leah Morgan)

Devisors/Collaborators: Sarah Delmonte & Howard Sivills

Producer: Han Nicholls

Lighting and Sound: Jack Stigner and Alex Mills

Photos: Ivor Houlker, Oleg Pulemjotov and Richard Davenport