the crumbs

annie brooks

Annie is the artistic director of Colossal Crumbs. She studied a course at Brighton University which meant she could play with puppets and the rest is history. Annie creates the characters,  writes, directs, performs, designs, and makes puppets/props for Colossal Crumbs, as well as providing the odd marmite sandwich.

ulysses black

Ulysses writes, performs, designs, and is the chief gag-writer for Colossal Crumbs. He is also the puppetry director.


howard sivills

Howard is a deviser, puppeteer and performer and keeps the weird factor in check. You big weirdo. 


han nicholls (blondie)

Han is the producer for Colossal Crumbs and and a performer/puppeteer extraordinaire! She has worked with partners such as SHUNT, Hendricks Gin and The Royal Festival Hall on exhibitions, events and theatrical extravaganzas. 

sarah delmonte

Sarah is a deviser, performer and puppeteer. She is almost very cool.

jack stigner

Jack is a insurmountable director, dramturge and he can screw his face up like a raisin.


dave broooks

Dave does all our interweb and computer stuff and that. He also plays a mighty fine beat on the bongos (other drums are available).